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The Q Angle

It results in an angle forming between the foot and the hip that causes stress on the knee and the patella (kneecap) sliding across the knee joint resulting in pain and swelling.  (Diagram 1)
The increase in angle Q can result in poor tracking of the patella.

Identification of poor alignment is a key examination undertaken as part of the orthokinetic consultation and biomechanical evaluation and gait check.

Common Athletic Injuries

The commonest injuries to athletes that are associated with faulty foot function and poor muscular skeletal alignment include:

  • Low back injuries (eg Sacro-iliac joint pain)
  • Hip injuries (eg Ilio-tibial band irritation)
  • Knee injuries (eg Patellofemoral pain)
  • Leg injuries (eg Medial shin pain and irritation)
  • Foot injuries (eg Heel-pain syndrome (planter fascitis), achilles tendon and bunions)

These are all common athletic conditions frequently helped by othokinetic, non-surgical chiropodiatric correction.

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