Bio-Mechanics Orthotics

SportFit is a method designed to re-hab and prevents injuries through bio-mechanical correctional drills and exercises along with custom made sports orthotics.

When a patient comes to the Aiello Chiropractic Group we do a gait analysis and a bio-mechanical assessment to determine where the body’s imbalances are coming from. When the mechanics are off, the body will compensate by picking up a hip tilt, functional curve and joint degeneration therefore causing increasing injuries and pressure on the spine.

The custom made sports orthotics will stabilize and correct the structural alignment, so when followed up with SportsFit training, the specialized drills will develop proper gait and reeducate the body’s neuromuscular and biomechanical structure increasing speed, strength and endurance.

Change takes place when the bio-mechanics are corrected taking stress off the structural alignment. One step at a time!

Active Kinetic Strengthening/Stretching

Active Kinetic StretchingDr. Aiello has trained and understudied Active Kinetic Stretching with Aaron Mattes and Coach James Henry, evolving an exclusive training and consulting system for over a period of 40 years.

SportsFit training consultants are more then mere trainers they are skilled in:

  • Bio-mechanic assessments
  • Gait analysis
  • Nutritional consultants
  • Calisthenics
  • Speed, Strength and Endurance Training Drills & Pylometrics
  • Active Kinetic Strengthening / Stretching
    (this type of stretching is known around the world in elite athletic circles)
  • Re-hab – Pre-hab techniques.

Personal Excellence has reached around the world through the Martial Arts, now it’s going beyond enhancing one’s abilities. SportsFit Trainers bring these advanced skilled techniques to enhance Health, Fitness and Re-newed Vitality. By taking a pro-active approach to one’s life style. This training is a treatment/assessment program that is available al a cart or as a group, that confronts weight loss, anti-aging, functional health, athletic performance and diseases. For people who have tried numerous programs and fads. SportsFit is a way to regain quality of your life on a natural basis.

This year you can train with a purpose; a true purpose is something that comes from within, not from attaching to superficial external goals, fads and gimmicks.

Running is the Cure!

True purpose incorporates a philosophy of life that integrates exercise, nutrition and a spiritual component. Click here to sign up with SportsFit.

A one of a kind specialized training that allows you to do it right the 1st time.

It’s often been said “We’ve Re-invented running” but in reality you are discovering yourself in one of the fastest Health & fitness training programs available today!

Simply, Effective & Easy

Why SportFit?

  • Life style change
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Injuries (re-hab/pre-hab)
  • Speed, strength & endurance
  • Nutritional needs
  • Gait analysis
  • Rejuvenation

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Active Isolated Strengthening/Stretching is an advanced technique used by the Sportsfit training consultants working with the bodies natural physiological. The theory behind this stretching method is to activate the muscle groups that have been injured or stressed from over activity or under activity. This dynamic technique facilitates the muscles with assistance increasing the oxygen therefore improving the circulation and blood supply, promoting the fascia to elongate, supporting the muscle.

This athletic stretch decreases areas of compensation caused by biomechanical imbalances and pervious injuries, which impedes speed, performance and one’s ability to function.

SportsFit KineticAn athlete’s performance without the Active Kinetic Stretch and a restoration adjustment could result like one wearing wrong fitting clothing or shoes, the bodies performance is off beat and out of sync.

Functional stretching works to release tighten and bonded fascia, release scar tissue, lengthen muscles, balances and synergizes neuromuscular function.

Combined with a Chiropractic Restoration increased nerve and energy supply to areas that may have not been functioning to full capacity due to the nervous system inhibition, which can occur anywhere throughout the spinal cord, where the fascia tightens, ligaments, tendons or other connective tissue constrict nerve openings.

This often occurs at a critical area where nerve function and synapses cross connect at the brain stem.

The brain stem is one of the most over looked, complex mechanisms in the human body, consist of Pons medulla and the reticular formation which on the lower end becomes the spinal cord and nervous system, and on the other end, cholesets with the hypothalamus, hypothalamic portion of the middle of the brain.

If there is interference, chemical or physical thus resulting in improper synaptic function. Having discoordation to the neuromuscular skeletal portions of the body. This malfunction is caused by inability of the brain to assess and relay, century and motor input from proprioceptor and mechanoreceptor sensory mechanisms.

This can affect muscle function, electrolyte physiology, and hydration and cooling mechanisms, heart function and organ mechanisms, pancreatic and glycogenic processes resulting in poor glycogen storage and muscle respond to increase activities.

Restoration adjustments release and frees up pressure from the brain stem, easing the fascia layer around the cord and brain which is called the menijures, allowing free flow between and body.

Allowing the body to respond and be supported from exercising, nutrition and specialized techniques such as Active Kinetic Strengthening / Stretching, which has a multifaceted affect performance through pre and re-habilitative techniques which ultimately results in greater speed, strength and endurance. Thus creating a human machine with greater capacity for personal excellence performance.

Not only has Dr. Aiello reached 27,000 students he has had the ability to understudy with Aaron Mattes and U of M Head Track Coach James Henry stretching and working with elite and exclusive athletes.

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